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"Anaconda" - Nicki Minaj 

Choreography by: Jeffrey Caluag & Dimitri Mendez


A soldier of the U.S. Seventh Marines carries a puppy in his pocket after rescuing it during an operation southwest of Da Nang in Vietnam on Jan. 22, 1968. Photo and description courtesy of NBC News, The Vietnam War in Pictures.

So Lydia has a boyfriend and manages to be best friends with Stiles, but when Stiles gets a girlfriend he only has time to talk to Lydia through a phone.
Why are they making Stiles’ character weak.
He is ace. She is ace. The writing suckkkksss.

Chris [Pratt] never uses a spit bucket. When you do scenes where a character is eating, you eat and then spit it out into a ‘spit bucket.’ Chris just keeps eating. If you see Andy eating a cheeseburger in a scene, you should know Chris Pratt ate like 8 cheeseburgers. I love that guy.
Aziz Ansari (via hellagaby);
bell hooks, Are You Still A Slave?: Liberating The Black Female Body

Why can’t it be this easy?

Quality directors Steve McQueen and Paul Greengrass listening to David O. Russell explain what makes a quality director