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Please don’t confront me with my failures

I have not forgotten them

Parks & Rec Season 6 Bloopers


still bummed that the benefactor wasn’t dan humphrey

"…we all wanted to create something that wasn’t flaunting our own department or our own artistic sides…It feels like when people connect with this movie, they are connecting for the reason of like everybody’s combined passion for it, which is cool and for me personally this journey has been, because of the conversations that I’ve been able to have, it feels like the movie creates an environment that makes people want to have somewhat personal conversations afterwards. That’s been really touching and moving for me." 

-Destin Daniel Cretton (x)

excerpt from the inquiry into treatment of children in australian detention centres

NAOMI SHARP [COUNSEL ASSISTING THE INQUIRY]: Are you aware that some children have tried to poison themselves or ingest harmful substances?
NAOMI SHARP: Are you aware that some children are banging their heads against walls?
PETER YOUNG: Yeah, that's a common method of self-harm. ... It's quite clear that we've got a large number of children with significant mental distress and disorder in this population.
NAOMI SHARP: What has the department [of Immigration]'s reaction been to your report?
PETER YOUNG: Sort of reacted with alarm and have asked us to withdraw these figures from our reporting.
NAOMI SHARP: I beg your pardon?
PETER YOUNG: They've asked us to withdraw the figures from our reporting.
I’d have thought 50,000 years of existing on the continent would have qualified as settled.
Nova Peris (Senator for the Northern Territory who is the first Indigenous woman in parliament) when asked for comment on Tony Abbott’s statement on Australia being “unsettled” prior to British invasion.  (via black-australia);